Castolin Cebora 4003 HD


380V, 380A, Pulse, speed pulse, water cooled
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is a multi-process inverter three phase welding power source (MIG-MAG, MMA, DC TIG with “Lift contact ignition system) with separate wire feeder, with synergic control which allows controlling the welding conditions through just one variable, all the others being pre-set by Cebora and dependent on it.
It is an innovatory power source, distinguished by specific functions and features that make it particularly competitive and suitable for all those applications that require a high productivity, for instance in the heavy metal work, constructions, shipbuilding etc.
The power source, which assures an excellent arc ignition (strikes) also features:
1) HD (HIGH DEPOSIT) synergic programs that allow to increase the wire speed (AMP) without changing the voltage (VOLT), consequently increasing the level of deposited material, thus making the welding process more economical and competitive.
2) a specific MIG ROOT welding program, for fi rst pass or high quality vertical root pass such as, for instance, root pass on pipes (with a maximum 5 mm gap).
3) Possibility to work with long stick-outs thanks to an optimization of the control and of the arc steadiness when the operator must work in particular positions (like V-shape).

4) PIN code function  for either the partial or the complete block of the panel settings.

In the Evo Speed Star line are also available the following optional functions:
B) Double Level,
C) Pulse,
the DOUBLE PULSE function is obtained by implementing in the power source both the DOUBLE LEVEL  and the PULSE  optional functions.
The new SOUND DIGIBOX MIG P4 control panel, with OLED technology, has a wide display which allows the operator to easily select and set the different welding modes / options available in the power source. It also allows to always have clearly displayed the current welding parameters (selected process, type and diameter of the used wire, shielding gas etc.).
The possibility to access the adjustment and the control of a wide range of power source parameters and functions allows the operator to optimize the use of the machine in the selected welding process.
The software and the synergic programs can be updated in the power sources through either RS232 or a USB port.
The power source is equipped with a 4 roller (Ø 30 mm) wire feed device in aluminium.
The optional GRV12 torch cooling unit is also available.
The high efficiency of the ventilation of the sub-units allows achieving performance levels in continuous mode only slightly below those provided at the maximum current.
Complies with the EN 61000-3-12 standard.


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